Inspired by Nature

“My art is a celebration of the intersection between tradition and innovation, reflecting the richness of life experiences. I strive to create visually stunning pieces that resonate with a timeless aesthetic while pushing the boundaries of contemporary artistic expression. Nature and especially water are a great source of inspiration for my work.”

foto Dina
I am an accomplished female artist, Dinart, who embarked on a fulfilling artistic journey after decades of successful entrepreneurship and fulfilling and ongoing motherhood. My unique perspective, shaped by diverse life experiences, sets me apart in the world of art.
After establishing a thriving career as an entrepreneur, I transitioned into the realm of art, demonstrating resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of passion.
I draw my inspiration from Renaissance to Modern Art, especially Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract Pointillism and Bauhaus Architecture. This juxtaposition creates a dynamic fusion in my artwork, leading to an explosion of colours and a captivating composition on the canvas.


Next Exhibition


Xapo Bank Gallery

260-262 Main Street

GX 11 1AA Gibraltar


Starting June 1st 2024
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The Location: Xapo Bank